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Enchantment Poodles was born in 1998 with our first miniature poodle Jozie, Ch. Fourwinds Another Ace. We had no intentions of purchasing a show dog when we went to seek out a puppy. We had just lost our beloved standard poodle Ace to bone cancer at the young age of 7 yrs and were lonely for another poodle in the house. This time around we decided to go a bit smaller and look at the miniature. As soon as we saw them we fell in love. We went to the Kawartha show that summer and this gave us the bug to show again. We have always had dogs and cats in our household over the years. Some of the breeds we have had were a Sheltie, Bichons, Shih Tzus, and Great Pyrenees. We showed a few of these dogs, nothing serious, more just to have fun. Our breeder contacted us shortly after this show and said she had a couple of show prospect puppies to look at. We went out to her place right away and fell in love with Jozie. That is when our addiction to showing poodles began. We were hooked! What better way for a mother and daughter to have fun and spend time together. 
Ch. Fourwinds Another Ace
Ch. Fourwinds Another Ace, Jozie,
our foundation at Enchantment Poodles
Julie with Ch. Enchantment's Pollie Pocket, Ch. Enchantment's Ace Wild and Wingmaster's One Tuff Customer
Julie with Ch. Enchantment's Pollie Pocket,
Ch. Enchantment's Aces Wild and
Wingmaster's One Tuff Customer
We are a small hobby show kennel successfully showing dogs to their championship. Although it is important to us to obtain a conformation championship on our dogs, first and foremost we are dedicated to breeding healthy poodles with wonderful, sweet temperaments, with beauty and brains, whether it’s for the show ring, agility, obedience or loving family members.
All of our dogs live as family members and are not in a separate kennel building. They enjoy the everyday life of our household right along with us and don’t miss a thing! They are very much loved family members and are not forgotten after a championship title is obtained. Periodically we will have retired dogs available to select homes or young adults that we keep breeding rights to. You must have a veterinary reference and if available a groomer/trainer reference as well. 
Gail with Enchantment's Oliver Twist
Gail with Enchantment's Oliver Twist
Gail with Enchantment's Oliver Twist
Our Castleton Location, nestled among the trees
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Enchantment Poodles
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